The Vascular Experts Rhode Island

Advanced Medical Care from the Nation’s Top Team of Vascular Surgeons

About Vascular Care Specialists

What makes us the right choice for care?

We deliver exceptional and comprehensive vascular care in your community. Our dedication to vascular care and and our state-of-the art facilities allow us to treat a variety of conditions. From conservative therapy to minimally invasive endovascular procedures and traditional surgical treatments, our team is committed to your complete vascular needs.

Our surgeons are specifically trained in this specialty, with many completing additional and on-going training, to ensure your access to the most advanced vascular treatments available. No matter the severity of the issue, you can be confident that your vascular needs will be met at The Vascular Experts Rhode Island.


Our Board-certified Vascular Surgeons:

Have dedicated their entire career to vascular care

Have each specifically trained on vascular care for over 5 years prior to practice

Have completed additional training in a Vascular Fellowship

Perform all needed evaluation and treatment options, not just a limited subset

Are equipped to deal with both simple and complicated issues

Our Doctors


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Bruce J. Swearingen, JR., MD


Noah Rosen MD, MBA, RPVI


Bart E. Muhs, MD, PhD, FACS


Harry Ma, MD, PhD